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veuglair | ribaudequin | bombard | pierrier à boite | handgonne | wagon fort


L'Ost du Dauphin owns no less than six different pieces of ordnance. Replicas of original models, they all perfectly work.

Here, you can admire (please click on the following links): a veuglair (cannon which is loaded through the breech), a ribaudequin (war machine made up by small guns mounted on a wagon), a bombard, a pierrier à boite (kind of mortar used to throw stones), a handgonne (powder arrow), and a wagon fort (a medieval "tank" !).

By applying very strict safety regulations, we endeavour to show an artillery spear (tactical unit) of the 15th century in full action. This century is in fact the time during which powder artillery leapt forward in terms of use and effectiveness.

L'Ost du Dauphin one of the few groups in France which uses a working replica of a bombard and a wagonfort.

bombard shoot

Being with us is to have an appointment with noise and smoke !